How important is the security of your website?

Posted by on Jul 26, 2017 in Online Marketing

How important is the security of your website?

Owning a website make you think if it is really worth it to assure its security. The answer is always yes. You cannot know what can happen with the information stocked on your website and clients surely do not want to encounter problems. Hiring a website promoter can help with both visibility and security and such a small investment for a great impact is what anyone would want. Although it may sound a little bit extreme at first, taking constant care of your website is paramount if you want things to work properly. Here are some tips about website security and what you should take into account:

Constant updates

First thing first, you have to make sure all the updates are in place. When owning a website, security is highly connected to the updates you are making. If the platform is out-dated, so will be the security system. That’s why keeping everything nice and up to date is the main goal. How can you do that? Gather all the information about latest trends, templates and plugins. A firewall for your website should be constantly checked for new versions because it is the one holding your website security intact. There are plugins that are able to notify you each time a new update appeared in order to keep things straight.

Complex passwords

Admin passwords and passwords required when filling a sign-up form must be secured. This can be done by simply placing a rule of minimum number of characters and symbols used. There are passwords that can be easily hacked because of their simplicity and their recurrence. Strong passwords do not mean only long words, but the use of symbols and numbers. Random strings of letters should be used instead of common words or things you care about, because a person that knows you well enough can easily guess what your password is by listing all the words that represent things you care about. Think in perspective when choosing a password and don’t let yourself tricked by the thought that you will forget it. Using it each time you log in will make you memorise it and never make a mistake again.

CMS Settings

A website comes with a default set of CMS options. You should change that to maximise your security. Attacks against websites are usually automated which means the programs rely on the settings you made to your CMS. Applications are usually flexible meaning that they offer the user the possibility to edit and adjust each setting. Your attention should be focused on the file permissions. Directory browsing should be forbidden for preventing users from viewing content you don’t want to share. Limiting information will help your website become more secure. Sensitive files stored on your website can be easily accessed by hackers if not protected properly. Restricting the PHP executions in every directory that presents a high risk would be essential for being safe. Installing a SSL is a great option for solving each security issue the website may have.

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