Responsive web design – why is it so important?

Responsive web design – why is it so important?

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017 in Internet

Responsive web design – why is it so important?


During recent years, tech trends have shown a clear shift from traditional devices to mobile ones. Whether you are thinking about a tablet, smart phone or notebook, these are the most wanted gadgets, since they are versatile and more user friendly than traditional PCs. The use of mobile devices for intricate operations has become an ordinary thing for any individual, especially for business men who own the most performing devices and are always on the run. As a consequence, industry experts need to adapt to this trend. Responsive web design means an online page has the ability to offer a qualitative user experience whether they are on a desktop, tablet or phone screen. It includes elements such as no horizontal scrolling (because of the portrait format of mobile screens), enough space for tap targets as well as clear text that does not require zoom to be readable. These may seem easy to implement, but can actually take days of work, but the long term results are worth it. Here is why: 

Responsiveness is google approved

While some time ago, search engines had nothing to do with how web design was built, this has changed in the past years. That is due to the fact that, in 2015, Google, which is the biggest and most popular search engine used at the moment, changed it algorithms to gather data related to a web site’s mobile presence. This means that if your page is not properly optimized for mobile usage, it will automatically have lower rankings. And since SEO and organic traffic are a clear indicator that your web site is what clients are looking for, this justifies why implementing responsive design is definitely very important.

It is directly liked to social media

It is well known that social media has gained a lot of ground in the past years and dedicated networks are becoming more and more popular. A recent study shows that most traffic on social media pages is generated from mobile devices. What is more, even professional networks, such as LinkedIn, have adapted their strategy and layout, in order to fit mobile usage. This means that ads, link sharing or other actions that direct users to your site can become a huge source of traffic – as long as your web site is on point in terms of responsiveness. Make sure the page is accessible on mobile and that will help you generate the leads that are so important for your business’ ROI.

It encourages ecommerce

Taking into consideration that it offers multiple benefits, shopping on mobile devices is clearly growing, reaching up to 70% of the total online transactions registered. The first and probably most important one is convenience it is way easier that driving to the supermarket or mall, it can be done from home, avoiding the hassle of a full brick and mortar store. So, if your business is related to ecommerce (selling and distributing products), then you should clearly consider making it responsive. You will see how your sales increase considerably.