Why is interactive design important for Mobile App development?

Why is interactive design important for Mobile App development?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 in Applications

Why is interactive design important for Mobile App development?


Nowadays, there is no doubt that technology makes the world go round. To be more precise, it is the mobile devices the ones that have become so important people can no longer live without. No matter what they do, no matter where they live, most people have access to a smart phone or tablet. What is more, a recent study has shown that the average user checks their phone about one hundred fifty times a day. This means that if you were still having doubts related to whether you should start developing an application for your business or not, then you should wait no more. This tiny detail can be the one that makes a real difference for your success, but under one condition: it has to be flawless, from features to design. Interactive design is extremely important when it comes to developing a mobile app, because it improves users’ overall exprience. Here is how:

It makes the app easier to operate

Mobile devices are preferred for this particular reason: they are easier to access and operate. For this reason, the main feature a mobile application should have is being user friendly. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time going from one icon or screen to another, but fortunately that is an issue interactive design can eliminate immediately. This is due to the fact that it deals with how the interface actually works: how the app is organized, what users click on, how many buttons a user neds to click on to perform an operation and what happens so that they can eventually complete the desired action.

It increases users’ confidence

As mentioned above, nobody wants to use a demanding app that makes you go through several screens and icons before completing an action. Normally, software products do not come with an integrated “how to use” manual, so you need to make it as simple as possible. A piece of software that is hard to download, troublesome to install and slow to operate will not be well received by mobile users. For this reason, developing an app using an interactive design will boost people’s confidence: it has all the information displayed in a comprehensive way, it works fast and delivers the expected results in no time. Everyone will want to try it and once they see how effective and user friendly it is, they will not uninstall it anytime soon. However, remember that constant updates are crucial in the dynamic world of mobile development.

It increases responsiveness

You always hear about how important responsive design is, but do not forget that interactive one is just as valuable. If you ask for an interactive piece of software, those who develop it will understand you want a product that can easily be operated on several operating system, so that any user can enjoy it. There will be text, icons, colours and many other elements, and a simple yet comprehensive app helps developers understand both what the client and the users want.